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I created a new POE Build. What do you think?

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I created a new POE Build. What do you think?
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Dołączył: 18 Paź 2019
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Post I created a new POE Build. What do you think? Odpowiedz z cytatem
Welcome to the guide exile.
Are you looking for a solid boss killing build? A boss killing build that can do not only kill bosses, but do clear maps quickly without gem swaps? Do you have an itch to relive a Brutus Lead Sprinkler build? Maybe on a budget, not even requiring a Brutus Lead Sprinkler or Xoph’s Blood amulet! Or perhaps you just like to douse your enemies in hot magma balls that spill from your weapon! If this is the case, you will most definitely want to check out this Ngamahu’s Ball Toss Berserker, utilizing the Ngamahu’s Flame unique axe. This is the best build if you want to become rich and get lots of Currency Poe.

This axe quickly became one of my favorite uniques upon its release and I have played around with a few different build styles with it. This axe is very powerful due to the fact it has a built in Molten Burst skill that has a 20% chance to proc on hit. This skill is very similar in nature to Molten Strike, tossing 3 molten balls out on proc. Now since this skill gem is built into the weapon, we can place 6 support gems into the weapon UNLINKED and they will support the molten burst. Giving you an effective 7 Link!

Now after making my Brutus Lead Sprinkler build back in 2.6 and a Ngamahu’s Cycloner in 2.5, I really wanted to see how will this axe’s Molten Burst synergized with Molten Strike, mainly to see how many balls per second we could get! So along with the axe, we will be using two Wildfire jewels to add even MORE balls to the mix! I will get into the specifics of how many balls we will be throwing out in the coming section, but for now, let’s get into how this build works and what it is capable of!

As a note, all of the footage seen in this video is done on a 4 link Cyclone with Fortify and a 6 link Molten Strike swapping Fire Penetration for Fortify in some scenarios, along with a+3 Molten Strike Projectiles helmet and average gear to keep it budget friendly.

Build Summary
First thing, you will need to invest some Poe currency, but think about it as investment.
The Ball Toss Zerker is a very strong build for pretty much all walks of content, and is exceptionally great at killing bosses (especially with the new boss life totals). It has a very cheap introductory cost, only really requiring the Ngamahu’s Axe and Wildfire jewels, and can scale very well with the more gear investments that you make, having a very high damage ceiling.

Offensively, we will be making use of two skills: Cyclone & Molten Strike. Cyclone is used for mapping to proc the Molten Bursts over enemies, whilst Molten Strike is used for single target or boss killing. We will also be using Avatar of Fire from the tree, since the Ngamahu’s Flame Axe converts 50% of our physical damage to fire, to perform 100% converted Fire Damage, allowing us to make full use of elemental penetration. (We need Avatar of Fire to fully convert our Cyclone and Molten Burst, but not our Molten Strike). We will also be grabbing:

Elemental Overload for a more elemental damage multiplier.
Iron Grip for applying our strength bonuses to our projectiles
And Point Blank to gain another more multipler to our projectiles, since they do not travel very far.

Finally, we make use of Anger and Herald of Ash to gain more base fire damage, a Wise Oak flask for elemental penetration and an Ancestral Protector to grant us more attack speed when up.

Defensively, we are a Berserker, so we will mainly be making use of Cloaked in Savagery paired with Vaal Pact to keep our health pool flickering just how we like it. Along with these, we will have a Cast when Damage Taken setup with Enfeeble, Blood Rage and Immortal Call that will trigger on a Savage Hit. This weakens the offending monsters, and triggers our Soul of Arakali for increased Recovery Rate to buff our Maximum Leech Rate. Depending on the map, we can also make use of Fortify on one of our links to provide use some more defense. Finally, we will be trying to get as much life on gear as possible!

With all of this, we absolutely tear through maps and shred all bosses. As always, mapping with the Ngamahu’s Axe is a blast and very satisfying. Once we get to Bosses we throw down an Ancestral Totem and cover the boss in hot molten balls.

So how many balls are we actually throwing out? Well, with an endgame setup, as you see here with the Molten Strike Projectile Enchantment we will generate the following:

• We are attacking at about 9 attacks per second. That means from our Molten Strike we are producing a total of 90 balls per second (3 + 2 + 2 + 3 = 10 * 9 = 90).
• Our Ngamahu’s has a 20% proc chance but an internal cooldown of .15 seconds, meaning it can only occur 6.6 times a second. Since we are attacking faster than this, if we get perfect procs, we produce a total of 46 balls per second.
• Together, this is around 136 balls per second with perfect procs.

If we add a Dying Sun to the build, it will be:
• Molten Strike: 3 + 2 + 2 + 3 + 2 = 12 * 9 = 108
• Ngamahu's: 7 + 2 = 9 * 6.66 = 60
• Total: 168 balls per second!

Now of course this is perfect scenario calculations, for the most part, it will be closer to 113 balls per second with no Dying Sun accounting for average Ngamahu’s procs.

Pros & Cons
• Very strong boss & single target killer
• Acceptable to fast clear speed
• Low entry cost, with high gear and damage ceiling
• Berserker. What else is there to say?

• Vaal Pact can be uncomfortable (not Labyrinth friendly, but there are workarounds mentioned later)
• Berserker Increased Damage Taken
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Pią Paź 18, 2019 13:12
zabiłem bota!!
zabiłem bota!!

Dołączył: 01 Wrz 2020
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